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Arm and Elbow Supports:  Relief for tired arms, neck and shoulders

Repetitive strain problems occur for many reasons, often times there is both static muscle loading and the repetitive use of small muscle groups i.e., holding the elbows and arms away from the body without support for long periods of time. A proper arm support can help reduce the load on the neck, shoulders, arms and back while working at your computer.

Our professional staff at The Ergonomic Store have been very selective in the arm supports we carry. We feel some products out on the market today do not reduce the risk of muscle fatigue and or shoulder strain but rather increase it by their design and style. Arm Supports carried by the Ergonomic Store have been pre-tested by our professional staff and hand selected.

If you experience tension and fatigue in the arms, shoulder, back and or elbow a proper arm support may be the answer. The Ergonomic Store’s arm supports can be used in a variety of settings including the home office, corporate office, laboratory and or industrial setting. There are specific models designed to meet the needs your industry. The Ergonomic Store’s arm supports are available in specialized materials (i.e., clean room) and are also available in various sizes, colors and configurations.

Contact our professional staff and we’ll help you select the arm support that is best for you.

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Desk or Chair Forearm Support Work in Greater Comfort. Relax your Arm and Shoulders Product Details
Forearm Support With Pad This articulating arm moves with you as you keyboard Product Details
Gel Filled SlimLine Wrist Rest Made from durable gel and smooth lycra, for use with thinner full-sized and mini keyboards Product Details
Ergo Memory Foam Arm Pad Sleek fitting ergonomic memory foam for chair arm rests Product Details
Table Arm Support Foam Pad Table or bench arm support foam pad for work stations Product Details
Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Support Pad Keyboard pad offers wrist support made to relief pressure on wrists and forearms and improve circulation Product Details
Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Support Keyboard pad offers wrist support made to relief pressure on wrists and forearms and improve circulation Product Details

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